Welcome to my blog Earthlings, ‘Kristal Peierls of Wisdom’ otherwise known as ‘The Casual Ramblings of a Mad Venusian’.

My surname is pronounce PEARLS, in case you were struggling. Venusian is a difficult language to master, but I hope you will understand me when I say: ‘Flumzon inylbu lyxbeokanubwa ikkka ikkka.’ ;-)

Within this blog I shall explore my sanity and share my existence.  See this ramble as the disclosure you have been yearning for. Craving. Deep down in your soul you always knew we were here. It is time for Man and Wo-Man to stand up and join their galactic family of imbeciles and spirit juice addicts in messing up the entire solar system and having a jolly good time whilst doing so.


If you enjoy my blog help a weary alien finance her travels and dabbles (I left my purse in my other spacesuit) donate bitcoins: 18Q79BDTqgMi3f2WzQvVhyPQHYeFYTwics

I bless you with my magic fairy wand.


10 Responses to ME

  1. I dunno… I see a lot of Uranus jokes coming your way….

  2. That depends, are you a vegan? I’m terrified of vegans.

  3. regal69 says:

    No, I read more, I love it now.

  4. Can I go in your space ship? I love you

  5. Lisa says:

    I’m a carnivore mainly. Can we be friends?

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