The Universe lives, and YOU can prove it.

What is proof enough that something is alive? The fact it has eyes? Regular bowel movements? The fact it likes to drink tea with lemon? How would one go about proving that the Universe is alive and conscious, intelligent even? Perhaps one might build a fantastic shiny machine to take readings and make measurements. Or ask an expert in a white coat holding a very professional looking clipboard.

Is it possible that all of creation is the shiny machine that experiences and measures consciousness and that we are all the experts in white coats?

English: A blank map of the universe (Earth Lo...

English: A blank map of the universe (Earth Location in the Universe) : Part 4- The milky way Français : Une carte vierge de l’univers : Partie 4 : La voie lactée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I put it to you that like other lifeforms, not only does the Universe move and reproduce through creating and destroying, merging and mingling, but it also has a method with which to communicate. A language of its own.

Jolly good I hear you say.

But if you do not understand its language or try to talk with it, how will you ever know? It’s hard enough trying to order fried rice in China, I hear you cry, let alone speak the tongue of the Universe. In today’s world everything moves so fast, we are so deeply anchored into the material realm we hardly stop for air. Who has the time to sit around asking the Universe to teach them cool things? With mortgages to pay and bills piling up.

If only someone could teach you the language of the Universe, surely then it would make it easier?

You could get a head start. A leg up.

Let’s be honest, we all love the easy route.

Good news my squiggly-boos! The language of the Universe is fantastically simple to learn and I will endeavour to teach it to you now, for free… Are you excited? I know I am. The language is yours anyway. You already know it deep inside, it is encoded into your DNA, but your rational mind hid it behind your intelligence, just next to the daydreams on the shelf marked ‘childish’. It is the language of symbolism, coincidence and numerical sequences. The language of maths and magic. When you ask the Universe for a sign or message and begin communication, it is obvious that the Universe cannot actually speak to you directly using the Queen’s English, but it can find ways to communicate to you via symbols, coincidences and repetitive numbers. These communications are governed by synchronicity. Things that you may dismiss as coincidence are in fact the living Universe’s way of reaching out to you. It is always reaching out to you. The same way dreams can be interpreted, life can be interpreted as an ongoing symbolic communication with the living Universe. The more you try to connect and communicate with the Universal mind, the more the coincidences and symbolic messages manifest and the better you understand them. You can literally ask for a sign and a sign will appear. The only thing that stops you from recognising it is the logical mind.

Example communication: me: “Universe, am I going to get lucky tonight if I wear these skin tight booty pants and gold chain mail bikini top?”

Universe: 11:11 lights up the digital clock in my room just as I look at it, plus ‘My Lovely Lady Lumps’ comes on.

Me: “Is that you Universe? Was that my answer? I will definitely get lucky if I wear this outfit?”

Universe: my random I-pod shuffle changes the song suddenly to: “Yes” by LMFAO just as 3 cats begin a kitty gang-bang outside my open window.

Me, still trying to work out whether I’m just imagining it: “Really?”

Universe, beginning to lose its patience: a horny cat flies screaming through my open window and tears through the house pissing all over my walls, marking its territory.

You can even tell the Universe what symbols to use and personalise the language. For instance, I was once lost driving on a long, mountainous road that had very little useful signage. I got to a T-junction and had no idea which way to turn. I took a lucky guess based on my feelings, what I call intuition. But after I turned I needed confirmation from the Universe that I was heading the right way. I didn’t want to end up in Neverland. There were barely any other cars on the road.

Me: ‘Next car will be a white one if I’m going the right way.’

I wait… I wait.

Next car around the bend — a white one, number plate ‘777’.


When the logical mind observes phenomena it cannot understand it tends to throw them out with the bath water. The mind asks, how could the Universe time that exact car coming at that exact moment when I asked that exact question?

The driver would have had to have left hours a go to haphazardly arrive on cue, and hours ago I hadn’t even asked the question.

Synchronicity baby.


Reproduction is also obvious within the Universe, it is making spiral upon spiral of life giving systems, without a doubt filled with flora and fauna. The way insects interact with flowers is obviously sexual reproduction, bees get a loved-up high from pollen and flowers are quite obviously the plant’s genitalia displaying itself to coax the bee in.

Is not the entire Universe one infinite shagfest?

I ask myself, can something dead, lifeless and unaware give birth to something alive and intelligent?

Can two dead cats give birth to living kittens?  Note to self: Zombie cats don’t count.

If everything in the Universe is a fractal, then could we be just a copy of an existing pattern?

Life giving birth to life.

So what if the Universe can’t come down to the pub with me and buy me a beer and a bag of pork scratchings. It spent billions of years perfecting the environment, getting it ready for my arrival. To me that sounds like a parent.

Many great artists, scholars, scientists, musicians, composers and writers claim to gain their inspiration while in deep mediation or through a communication with something greater, something that downloads information directly into their brain. Are we to believe that every great master of craft was a liar? Or a shroom head?

Within your consciousness solely lies the proof.

I will leave you with this thought: A few years ago there was a NASA video that showed an asteroid heading towards Earth, the people at NASA were worried it would crash into us, killing millions of lifeforms. Then, miraculously, their camera recorded a massive solar flare shooting out from the sun just at the right moment to knock the space rock off its tragic trajectory. It gave me goosebumps to watch. I believe I even cried a tear of joy as I witnessed the depth of the connection between us. What stirred such a strong emotion within me? Perfect random timing from a cold dead Universe unconnected and unaware? Or is it possible that everything in the Universe is conspiring with us and supporting our development?

So, please practice using your Universal tongue and don’t forget to say thank you now and again… What have you got to lose?

The proof is always in the pudding. Hopefully a rather srummy chocolate one… (Chocolate: also indelible proof that the Universe loves us all in my book 🙂 )


Mantra of the day: The Universe supports me and it wants me to be happy 😉 111


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  1. I tend to agree with you Kristal. Welcome to Earth

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