Poetry time


New religion, Old religion,

Green, Blue and Gold religion,

Big religion, Bold religion,

Tell the story of old religion

Taunt religion, Flaunt religion,

Hold, teach, support religion,

Their religion, Your religion,

Mine’s the freaking best religion,

No religion, Fake religion,

The world’s biggest mistake religion?

For goodness freaking sake religion!

Stop fighting in God’s name religion!


Doubt religion, Scout religion,

Believe and be devout religion,

Push religion, Take religion,

Televise and rate religion.

Sneaky religion, Hidden religion,

The fruit that is forbidden religion.

Dark religion, Occult religion,

Like a lightning bolt religion.

Spread religion, Ban religion,

It’s a massive scam religion!

Put it in a can religion.

We don’t give a damn religion.


Name, shame and blame religion,

Do it in Christ’s name religion,

Life is not a game religion,

We are not the same religion,

Stop hating and make haste,

Don’t leave a bitter taste,

Make love le plat-du-jour,

The prophets spoke amore.

No matter if you abhor religion,

Admire or adore religion,

There is someone at your door religion…

Who is keeping score religion?


Copyright Kristal Peierls. 2012.

Be nice and don’t steal, the good karma fairy will reward you. đŸ˜‰


About kristal111peierls

Alien, explorer, blogger.
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