Words I like


Love, bubbles, squiggles,

Twinkly fairy sprinkles,

Light, rainbows, unicorns,

Frizzly, snazzy, wavy horns,

Cookie, kitty, cutie pie,

Chuckle, giggle, wonder why.

Dick, fuck, skank and cock,

Choppity, floppity, bunny hop.

Deep, boogie, slip and slide,

Whizz, fly, scream and hide,

Booty, snizzle, snout and boob,

Rumplestiltskin, brash and rude.

Magical, awesome, amazing, kind,

Beautiful, infinite, open mind.


Bitcoin, lava, movie star,

Universe, alien, la-di-dah,

Etcetera, etcetera,

Blah, blah, blah,

Uber, magnificent, vunderbar.

Dreams, electric, water car.

Giant, instant, grand, bizarre.

Piss, shit, sod and bloody hell,

Ocean, mermaids, curly, shell

Shoddy, pithy, infidel.

Dancing, prancing, ringing bell.





Diddly squat,

Polka dot,





About kristal111peierls

Alien, explorer, blogger.
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3 Responses to Words I like

  1. regal69 says:

    You have a gift with words.

  2. Mr. Su says:

    totally bonkers?? or is there more to it??
    perhaps we readers could attempt to produce an image to each word and see what we end up with??

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